Sunday 24 June 2007

Blog in tabloid shocker!

So, apparently a few throwaway comments on a blog is considered newsworthy these days.

Well, putting aside my disappointment at modern standards of investigative journalism, I would like to invite any sensitive souls who I appear to have indavertantly reduced to tears to please get in touch. If my words offend, please, please let me know. I wouldn't want anyone to have to go running all the way down to Central Quay for tea and sympathy; I'm in the City Chambers regularly, so it would be nice if an apology was sought in person, directly, rather than through the pages of the tabloid press. Because that would surely be "grown-up".


Anonymous said...

Good sensible reaction Councillor - don't let the b*******s get you down. Gutter journalism of this sort is the Smelly Wrecker's staple, and they are obviously still in denial about the SNP's electoral success in May. Your group is breath of fresh air in the city chambers - keep asking questions and doing your job, it'll show the time-servers that have been running Glasgow into the ground for the numpties they are!

Anonymous said...

Of course you just face up to the fact that the reason you can't win a vote on your committee is because the SNP lost the City Council election. In fact you didn't even stand enough candidates to have any chance of forming an administration. Once you win you will be able to win some votes too, untill then grow up.

no-one in particular said...

Just shows the lengths that the tattered remnants of a once-great political force will go to in an attempt to convince us they are still relevant. Bear in mind though - one of their gophers is keeping an eye on you, and the mair they clipe, the better you're kent! Keep it up.

Louise said...

You're a future MSP - yay.

What have Shettleston SNP done to upset the Daily Record/Sunday Mail?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Alison but I think it's hilarious!

Why not go for damage limitation and say what you rilly rilly ACTUALLY meant to say was you hoped they would kneel over??