Friday 16 November 2007

Unexpected press

I was a bit surprised yesterday to get a call from the Evening Times about Dalmarnock Sewage Works (the majority of coverage this last week has mostly involved one particular Labour Councillor in the ward, so I'd started to think I didn't exist to them!).

I know that that local people have complained about the smells from the plant, as well as issues of river pollution, but I had some confidence that Scottish Water would be fulfilling their commitment to refurbish since the Commonwealth Games bid was successful. This seems now not to be the case, so I've taken the issue to Scottish Water for a reply. I'll keep the blog updated on what I find out...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMYG! I do not share any optimism over Scottish Water delivering anything timeously never mind pro-actively.

I've witnessed huge scale problems (private and public housing developers across Glasgow not being able to get their prospective developments linked up) and wee scale problems (frsh water flowing freely down our street gutter for weeks, yes weeks, despite us reporting it.

When I pointed this out in a friendly way to a guy I know who works in the Water board he just retorted 'that cannae be right, we repair all leaks withing 5 working days').

We just cannot be faced with this disugusting smell (no matter how 'deodarised') still being around for The Games... it would be just so fall into the hands of the moanin Wullies in Glasgow and the Glasgow-knockers from outwith.