Tuesday 26 February 2008

TV on the bus?

Slightly confused by the bus I got into town today - because it had a tv on it. Who decided that buses need tvs? What is the point when buses have those great big glass windows to see the world as you go by. Don't like the view? Windows too dirty or steamed up? Read a book or a paper.

More, clean, buses; ones that are disabled and buggy-friendly would be good. Replacing the scuzzy buses on routes like the 240 and 262, which run from Lanarkshire into the city, would be a positive move.

I'm sure those in the ivory towers of First HQ think this makes buses all super-exciting and modern, but to me yet another propaganda screen (strangely showing pictures of people running) is not really making much of a contribution to improving public transport.


Anonymous said...

Might be worth looking into a bit more, Cllr - how much money are First getting from selling sponsorship/advertising slots on these TVs?

Saw this kind of thing in London - short sharp sections of 'infotainment', almost subliminal messaging if you ask me..

Jennifer Dunn said...

I was on a 38 back to the flat this afternoon and saw the marathon video then; it was very odd.

It's also very odd that we've got tvs in buses but some bus stops have little or no information about routes and fares, and the map on the website isn't great either. If I was in First, I'd concentrate on making the buses more user-friendly, rather than installing screens.

Calum Cashley said...

Scuzzy isn't a real word.

Anonymous said...

First should get their fingers out and start getting some control on their buses, rather than putting TVs in. Conductors would be a welcome return, given the hassle I regularly see from a wide variety of people, but particularly the tracksuited fraternity.

Anonymous said...

you've again pressed the right bell here BellgroveBell (no pun intended - aye right).

A couple of years ago or more, I think a sneaky wee pilot was being tried out cos I went on a bus and there was this really tinny, cheap noise sqeeking out from one of these screens. It was mind-numbingly annoying - and I objected to having advertising forced at me in that way.

If I had not been on my way out of the city for a while I would have went straight to the travel centre to register my complaint!

But there again maybe we need the distraction of the wee screens given that some utter twat came up with that awful idea of the all-over-bus advertising. That's the one where are the bus windows are virtually blacked out which makes for one really boring journey stuck in a darkened tube with seats.

Oh, I feel better with that sad moan after getting in... think I'll go down to the coffee shop now that I'm cheered up.

Anonymous said...

Its a private business that provides jobs city wide for alot of families. If they want to put a pool table on it who are we to start dictating to companies how to run there business Glasgow isnt a dictating city, we premote business growth.

Unknown said...

Wow, so many comments! Thanks to the constructive people.

Anonymous - yes, they are a company, but explain to me how a tv screen showing people jogging makes good business sense.

Cleaner, more frequent and reliable buses would encourage more passengers. Frivolous things like tvs are a waste of money, business or not.