Friday 24 October 2008

East End Child Safety Project

I attended the AGM of the East End Child Safety Project today; it was great to catch up on their work in the past year and have a chat with the Project Coordinator, Jackie. Her commitment to child safety is inspiring.

The Child Safety Project aims to prevent accidents in the home by raising public awareness in the community and through home visits. They work closely with Social Work and Health Visitors to help parents child-proof their homes, offering impartial advice and fitting safety equipment (like safety gates, plug covers, and tap guards). They also work with Strathclyde Fire and Rescue to refer clients for free home safety visits. Some of the parents they help are even taken on as volunteers, and get trained to go out and advise others on how to protect their children.

A good number of the things might seem obvious - like keeping dangerous chemicals out of reach - but sadly there are still many preventable accidents in the home, which result in injury or death. As this ROSPA report highlights, there's much work to do.

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