Saturday 15 November 2008

Terry Waite comes to Bridgeton

At the start of the week, I got an invite I couldn't possibly turn down. Emmaus, a charity which works with homeless people, were inviting me to the opening of their superstore. I had already put the date in my diary, when I finished reading the invitation letter; the official ribbon-cutting was to be done by Terry Waite.

Terry Waite is one of the figures whose very name conjures up a hushed respect. His release after 1,760 days in captivity as a hostage was one of the big events (along with Nelson Mandela, Piper Alpha, Lockerbie and Motherwell winning the Scottish Cup) that I remember from my childhood.

I wasn't expecting Terry Waite to be a giant in a physical sense as well as a figurative sense - definitely a larger than life figure. I was hugely impressed by his kindness and patience. He took time to speak to the many people at the opening, whether they were Companions, trustees, press, politicians or shoppers. Lorraine Kelly, who was due to co-host the opening, somehow failed to show so Terry drafted in a nine-year-old girl to cut the ribbon with him. He then managed to shake the hand of almost everyone who came in. Complete gentleman, and I'm very glad and humbled to have met him.

The store itself is very impressive - as you can see from the picture below. The furniture is of an excellent standard and there are a few pieces I'm hoping to go back and buy later. Emmaus Bridgeton are also hosting reconditioned carpets from Spruce. Both organisations will come and collect from your home, so instead of letting the bin men take things away for landfill please, please give them a call!


Norman C said...

Legal challenged launched against Mandelson.

As their release says: ‘Lord Mandelson, in our view, is acting unlawfully.’

joe90 kane said...

I know
you were feelinmg a wee bit down in the dumps, BB, after the disappointment of Glenrothes.
Here's some good cheer -

Massive swing to SNP in Labour stronghold
SNP News
12 Dec 2008

SNP enjoy solid swing in East Ayrshire
SNP News
12 Dec 2008

And never forget
that any public support for the SNP comes in the face of massive anti-SNP propaganda campaigns by the pro-Brit blatts and the British Government's Ministry of Propaganda, the BBC.

I can't think of any political party that is able to prosper under such conditions.
The old Labour Party had to destroy itself and become more tory than the Tories in order to achieve anything come election time.

all the best BB!

great post about that great English gentleman Terry Waite

I see IndyGal maybe throwing in the blogging towel.

'Adam Smith Was a Socialist' blog has only just recently called it a day.

BellgroveBelle said...

Thanks for the post - I've just blogged! Things have just been too frantic, but I do have plenty to say...