Wednesday 15 April 2009

Consultation Response Update

I'm deeply disappointed that the establishments in my ward, St James' Primary, Queen Mary Street Nursery and Mile End Nursery have all been recommended for closure.

The consultation responses and their appendices (where the interesting stuff is buried) have now made it on to the Glasgow City Council website. I have heard that the Lib Dems got a rougher deal than the SNP Group, not having received the information on the responses before lunchtime. The Greens may have had them by mid-morning. Nice that we're all treated consistently...

The Evening Times
reports that;

Despite 96% of those who responded being against the proposals, the ruling
Labour group on the city council voted 31-6 to press ahead with the proposals.

All parents in the City should make a point of speaking to their Labour Councillors, and demanding to know how they voted, and why they failed to persuade their colleagues. They should also double check the lists of respondents in the appendices to see whether their Councillors put in an objection to these closure plans.

450 responses were received by the Council for St James' Primary, 251 for, 188 against and 11 unclear. It's deeply interesting that the receiving school, Alexandra Parade Primary, had 280 responses filled in by pupils. They will receive £75,000 towards improvements to accommodate the pupils from St James'. I'm going over to Education shortly to see the responses for myself, and am sure they will make interesting reading.

145 responses were received by the Council for
Queen Mary Street Nursery, but parents have told me that a 20 page petition was also submitted. This isn't mentioned anywhere, and I'm very concerned at the thought that this could go missing.

I'll post another update later, once I've seen the responses in the flesh.


joe90 kane said...
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joe90 kane said...

[whoops - bad formatting in my last post - I deleted it]

New Labour has 100s of billions of pounds for failed banks, but no money for public services and the kinds of things the public wants and needs.

Certian routes of the almost mythical highland post-bus service are now history -
Council to replace post servicesBBC Scotland
17 Apr 2009

It's ok to subsidise Sir Fred Goodwin and his fellow failed free-market thatcherite-new labour neoliberal ideologues - but when it comes to real taxpayers and what they want and need then there's no taxpayers money!

Keep up the great work BB!

just for the record
I live in one of the last New Labour local soviet dinosaurs left in Scotland, just down the road from BB, in sunny North Lanarkshire.