Tuesday 1 September 2009

Just the ticket!

I booked tickets for next week's Scotland - Netherlands match yesterday morning with some trepidation. I usually go and buy football tickets in person, or get someone I trust to buy them for me.

I wasn't confident that my £1 booking fee would allow the tickets to wing their way to me before kick-off, and had a vision of me stalking my postie all week.

I'm very chuffed to report that my worries were completely unfounded!

When I got home tonight, there they were, two crisp and lovely Scotland tickets. Hats off to the people at ticketlink. Simple service, done correctly. I wonder though, if I'd paid £5.50 for the special delivery option, would James McFadden have dropped round to hand them in?


subrosa said...

No lol. One of my heroes is James McFadden and I'm no football supporter, prefer rugby.

Enjoy the match.

Anonymous said...

US hypocrisy

Cruachan said...

Enjoy the game.
Its simple really, all we need to do is to score one more than them!

Jim Carveup said...



Can the public service broadcaster
be trusted?

The BBC and Kenny MacAskill