Saturday 18 September 2010

Baby on Board!

I've not disappeared, and the Total Politics blog awards hasn't been an excuse to rest on my laurels - although any kind of rest would be nice. In general, things have been too hectic to be able to compose my thoughts and get them into the blog. I've been trying instead to update my twitter feed as much as possible, so you can get a flavour of what I've been up to in the absence of a blog post.

Anyhow, I'm very chuffed to have been voted number 25 of the top 50 Scottish blogs in their annual awards, particularly as I didn't ask for any votes and I didn't even vote for myself! Thanks to all readers of Bellgrovebelle, I'm very grateful for your support.

Despite aiming to take things a bit easier since Alexander arrived at the start of July, I feel like I've still been running around as much as usual, only with much less sleep. I've still been attending my surgeries (times and places to your right...) as well as various things in the Council and in my ward.

Alexander has had a very interesting first twelve weeks, now having been with me to three football matches (two Motherwell, one Scotland), a Full Council meeting (he was better behaved than most of the Councillors!), the Calton Area Committee and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Board. He attended an SNP branch meeting, the regional list hustings and a Maryhill race night. He's been to the opening of the refurbished Bridgeton Cross, the new shop for Starter Packs Glasgow, a meeting of Pensioners Action Group East and a public meeting about the Olympia in Bridgeton. On Thursday he came along with me to attend the Papal Mass in Bellahouston Park and yesterday we visited the City Building Glasgow House project.

All of which events were very interesting, and worthy of blog posts in themselves. I will endeavour to update you as I'm going about, but please be assured that even if I don't have time to fit in regular blog posts, I'm still out there working hard!

PS - this blog post should've had photos, but photobucket isn't cooperating. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed!


Calum Cashley said...

Two Motherwell matches and a Scotland match? That bairn will be calling Childline as soon as he gets hold of a phone!

Alex Fraser said...

You mention that your wee boy was better behaved than most Councillors.

Is this in regards to Councillor Turner ?

Can I ask of your opinion about this ?