Friday 5 November 2010

New boundaries

I had a question from a constituent about the new boundaries for the Scottish Parliament elections next year.

The regular changing of boundaries is pretty confusing for the electorate - particularly as there are now larger Council ward boundaries, Scottish Parliament Constituencies, Westminster Constituencies, and the odd notion (as far as campaigning goes) that the European Parliament has no individual constituencies within Scotland at all.

There's a bit of a change for Shettleston - the Govanhill section south of the river is lost from the new constituency, but it now runs from High Street and the Saltmarket out to Baillieston. It has Duke Street and then the railway line as most of it's northern-most boundary, and the Clyde to the south. It takes in the whole of the Calton and Shettleston Council multi-member wards, and some of the Baillieston ward. Quite a size! A map can be found by following >this link<.

As most people will by now know, former Glasgow East MP John Mason is the SNP candidate for the new Shettleston constituency - we're working hard for him already!

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