Sunday 27 March 2011

Illiterate Labour

My mum passed on to me this rather poor piece of campaign literature from Labour in Clydesdale. Labour are claiming to support the apprenticeships and the Council Tax freeze which they voted against, present falsehoods about NHS cuts, are apparently now against tuition fees which they introduced in government, and are promoting the 'two week cancer guarantee' (sounds a bit scary, but relates to waiting times, which have actually fallen under the SNP's stewardship).

The real sweetie in the letter is in the fourth paragraph. I've noticed before that Labour have a bit of a problem when it comes to literacy. This letter is just embarrassing - two typos in the paragraph which calls for bringing literacy teachers 'back' into schools for goodness sake. The simplest spell checker could pick that up. 

Furthermore, I'm not sure where these imaginary literacy teachers went, or how something which never existed can be brought back; as ever for Labour, the facts just get in the way of a nice wee bit scaremongering. 

If this is Labour's standard of campaigning, I do hope they contact lots of people...  


rental mobil said...

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Politico said...

Its all rather petty isnt it? especially with public sector workers losing their jobs and huge challenges in regards to finances, when nationalist councils fling muck over letters. What ever happened to the debate?

Labour is on the march and baring a disaster will emerge the clearvictor. I know it, and the sad thing is, in your gut - you know it to.

I truly worry that some nationalists wont cope. Labour joy in taking back what is rightfully ours will be to much. (I jest of course.....:/)

BellgroveBelle said...

Believe me, I'm as unimpressed with the content as I am with the spelling! Which policy are would you suggest for debate?

Politico said...

How about the raison d'etre? The SNP have been oddly quiet about the referendum.

Why should the Scottish people believe that you will ask their views on independence this time; when you patently failed to do so last time?

You still wont have a majority, the situation if you win will remain the same - a minority in the clutches of a unionist majority - so its a bit of lie.

BellgroveBelle said...

I've found support from independence from all political sides on the doorsteps, you'd be surprised.

The unionist majority in the party scuppered the referendum - despite Wendy's cry of 'bring it on'. If you're so convinced the Scottish people would say no, you've nothing to lose and should agree to the vote.

cynicalHighlander said...

Labour will have a referendum in there manifesto yet as they are running out of policies to pinch from the SNP.

aedan said...

According to the Herald and Mr Gray it's the other way round. Labour are setting the agenda.

Believe it if you like.

cynicalHighlander said...

Let’s TANKLE knife crime.. and we MUT protect jobs

Don't do that again said...

Small point obviously worth mentioning, did you realises that you have posted your mum’s home address online?

As a SNP Councillor, you should take better care of people’s data!

Even dear old mum.

This is worse than any spelling mistake.

Next time when you scan something in be more careful.

Detail matters!