Wednesday 2 May 2007

Eve of poll

Just about to go to bed here, having spent the day delivering yet more leaflets and printing up leaflets for the polling stations.

I hope, beyond hope, that all the hard work put in by every SNP activist and candidate will be rewarded tomorrow.

C'mon voters, tell me it's time!


Anonymous said...

There are *dozens* of real reasons to vote New Labour out. It's extraordinary they're considered fit enough to run a bloody tap:

For peace, sense and worth Scotland:

Print version poster:

For emailing:

Print them off. Email them to friends, family and strangers. Help rid us of an appalling regime.

See through the labour lies and spin!

SNP for a return to democracy...1, 2 and 3.

Sales De Francis St said...


Hope you did ok. I missed out.

Great day for SNP and Scotland tho!

Jeff said...

Consider yourself rewarded!

Good effort. Feel a bit guilty for just watching from the sidelines and celebrating nonetheless.

Just a little bit of course...