Tuesday 1 May 2007

Long long days...

Just a quick post before I nod off - been working like crazy over the past few days. It feels as though it should be Friday, I've been up so long.

Today, I leafleted tenements (my legs nearly gave up on me this morning), inflated balloons, handed out leaflets and flags at the Forge, had lunch, did more leafleting, purchased another yellow t-shirt (an SNP girl can never have too many...), did more leafleting, and finished off the day by putting up more lamp post posters around my ward.

Surprise of the day - seeing a pigeon nesting on two wee eggs up the top of a tenement at Parkhead Cross.

Sweet moment of the day - a wee kid who kept coming back to get more wee saltires from us.

Positive campaign moment of the day - a guy shouting "'mon the SNP" as I was up the top of a ladder putting up a poster at the Barras.

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