Sunday 20 January 2008


I've finally done it - reached 100 posts! I was wondering whether I would make it before the first anniversary of the blog (at the end of the month), but here I am already.

I started the blog genuinely not knowing what the near future would hold. It's been quite a year, with a fair amount of events for me to ponder and commit to internet history. It's satisfying to see that most of the other SNP bloggers who started before and after me have managed to keep their blogs going too. It's a bit of a personal challenge to keep going, but it's something I do take seriously - and not just because Mediawatch keeps score!

What have I learned from the blogging experience? I've learned first and foremost that on a blog once something is out there, it's out there. This has made me a wee bit more circumspect in what I post, but I think that's not entirely a bad thing. If I self-edit when I'm chatting to someone, speaking in a meeting, or writing a formal letter, then there's no justification for splurting every last notion to the world on here!

I hope that what I write helps to keep people, in particular my constituents, updated with some of the many things I do in a week. I can't write about everything (and I wouldn't want to either) due to the very important constraints of constituent confidentiality, but I think I try to highlight what issues I can.

I aim to keep going, and see whether I can reach 200!

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