Thursday 3 January 2008

Time moves fast in this new year

It's been a great year in many respects, so much so that I wasn't quite sure that I wanted to leave 2007 behind. The calendar had other ideas though, and I'm not quite comprehending the fact that it's the third of January already. My achievements so far for the year have been messing up my body clock by taking in the festivities round at IndyGal's house, purchasing a new pyrex bowl and making a rather tasty spaghetti carbonara (none of those relating to one another). It feels so strange for me to be away from work, SNP and YSI stuff, but it's very nice to be spending some time just being with Joe.

Joe's put up with a lot in the past year - living on his own while I campaigned in Stornoway and the North East, explaining to his family why I had to leaflet rather than go down south to visit them, my being too tired to actually engage in conversation when I got home in the evening. He's been supportive though and even after all I put him through, he still asked me to marry him back in August. Wedding plans, much to the frustration of our families and my very talented dress designer, are still in their infancy, but we are at least going to see a potential venue next week. Here's hoping they can fit us in...

Resolution-wise, there are three things I'd like to achieve in the coming year:
- I'd very much like to be married before my birthday in September;
- I hope, like Mark, to establish myself as a good Councillor (perhaps a longer-term general aim, but one I intend to work on every day);
- I would like the YSI to grow and flourish, building on a pretty good 2007.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - nice to see you're getting married this year, the fiance' and I are getting married in August as well - best of luck with the planning!

BellgroveBelle said...

Thanks Calton Chris - all the best for your wedding preparations too!