Monday 20 July 2009

Cakes and canvassing

I meant to blog last night when I got in. I closed my eyes for what seemed to me to be a few minutes, but Joe assures me he watched two episodes of Voyager while I'd been snoozing. You'll gather that the SNP's campaign for Glasgow North East is running at full pelt!

I notice that Scottish Tory Boy
has heard rumours that the election will be called tomorrow before Westminster goes on recess. I do hope he's correct - October/November is too long to wait and I loved the excitement/exhaustion/adrenaline of Glasgow East last year.

I've been canvassing lots of people and have been getting a generally positive response. People have been welcoming, keen to chat and discuss politics and independence. There's certainly been no great affection for Labour - the only problem has been a scepticism about politicians among a few of the voters. We are all working to turn that around and give a positive account of the changes we can bring.

This afternoon, I was canvassing with David in the part of my ward which falls into Glasgow North East. It's a nice part of the world, with an excellent housing association which looks after it's tenants. The people we spoke to were aware of the election and glad to see David on their doorstep*. I also met people who already knew me as their Councillor and I'm very appreciative of the positive feedback I got.

In addition to the canvassing, I've been whipping up some tasty treats to keep our footsoldiers going. Thanks to Esther for the photo! Dozens of lemony SNP fairy cakes and slices of millionaire shortbread have been doled out so far, and I'll continue to bring more along. Our members don't need an incentive to come out and work, but it's nice to have a small reward for all their efforts.

*apart from the two residents we woke up - really sorry guys!


Anonymous said...

the word is a freelance journalist is doing some work on why Dornan and Thoms pulled out of the race.

Anonymous said...

heard about this one as well, Cllr Thoms pulling out was real mystery