Saturday 18 July 2009

Glasgow North East Campaign Launch

Back home after today's Glasgow North East campaign launch for David Kerr. It was a super turnout today - well over fifty activists came out from constituencies across Glasgow to support David, as well as members from Renfrewshire, East Ren, Dundee, and Cumbernauld and Kilsyth (if I've missed you, let me know!). The student and youth wings were also well represented. Since I couldn't be in two places at once, I've taken the pic below as part of the crowd - I'm sure there'll be better ones in tomorrow's papers.

David was out and about meeting voters, shopkeepers and businesspeople, and was very well received.

The people he stopped and spoke to were impressed with his warmth, enthusiasm and professionalism, and there were a fair few won over for the cause.
Many were enthusiastically embracing the SNP as a vibrant alternative to the old, tired, shadow that the Labour party has become. One woman on Duke Street, who wasn't even registered to vote, will now be taking up her democratic right for the first time in many years after realising that she can vote to move her country forward to independence.

I intend to keep blogging on the progress of the campaign in addition to the usual political and ward news. If you'd like to help, information is available on the blog or join the facebook group.

Incidentally, Calum has a good post on Labour Party's fear of elections.


joe90 kane said...

I would love to come through and help but can't (I'm not an SNP member).

New Labour constrict themselves to talking about fluffy rice, a bit of a stereotype although laudable in its way -
Glasgow Chicken Tikka Masala
Early Day Motion - EDM 1911

Mohammed Sarwar
UK Parliament

The SNP unfortunately restrict themselves to talking purely about the politics that matter when it comes to our great Scottish-Asian community -
Muslims in Europe: The Scottish example
altmuslim comment

This might not be top of the election agenda in the constituency, but New Labour scare stories about The Taliban coming to kidnap Glaswegian in their sleep and sell them into white slavery are.

Political Journalism in Scotland
Early Day Motion -EDM 1924
16 July 2009
Menzies Campbell

Apparantly the public ought to subsidise free-market journalists who have clearly failed at their own job, judging by their own standards they judge the rest of us by, of not surviving in the darwinina free-market - yet Menzies wants us, the taxpayer, to foot the bill for the wages and expenses of one of the most despised and distrusted professions there is -
Only One in Five Say They Trust Journalists to Tell The Truth
15 Mar 2009

'Veracity Index' -
Doctors Still Top The Poll As Most Trusted Profession
15 Mar 2009

MekQuarrie said...

A great launch Alison. I think just about everyone with a Glasgow SNP connection was there - MPs, MSPs, councillors, activists. And the weather kept off. Phew.

Anonymous said...

was there more than one former candidate there?

MekQuarrie said...

Although there was only ever one former SNP by-election candidate, I can't help but agree with the ironic coincidence of all the personalities captured in the one photograph.