Saturday 5 June 2010

Jazz night at St Mungo's

I've blogged before about the talent on show at St Mungo's Academy, so you'll understand that I was delighted to receive an invite to Jazz on a Summer's Night.

St Mungo's jazz band has been on the go for about eighteen months, and I very much enjoyed their toe-tapping performance at the school Awards Ceremony.

The Calton Area Committee was recently approached for funding for some additional instruments*. Since I loved my time playing the trumpet in my own school's jazz and wind bands, I enthusiastically supported their application! The school's business manager, Margaret Summers, was congratulated last night for making the application, and I wholeheartedly concur - the performance was worth every penny, for the glowing participants and their very proud parents and friends.

The vocalists, Claire Magee, Honor Logan and Megan Flynn could have held their own on any stage - they sang with commitment and passion. The band itself were more than worthy to the singers, playing some eighteen different tunes during the night. I was tickled to hear Mercy Mercy Mercy, one of my favourites from my jazz band days, along with some I itched to play like Soul Bossa Nova (better known as the Austin Powers theme tune!) and Feeling Good. The bump clearly liked it too, as it wouldn't stop jiggling around to the music. I can't wait to hear them again!

The young people really looked as if they were enjoying themselves; my own experience was a lot of hard work, and a lot of joy in performing. I'm thinking of looking out my trumpet and getting some lessons... wonder if they need an extra player?

*if you have a project you would like funding for, there's more information on this link. No project too small!

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Kevin Kerr said...

Loved this night =D

Im the guitarist with the long black hair xP

I was searching myself on google and came across this, but for some reason im not tagged or mentioned at all xD What luck!