Tuesday 15 June 2010

World Cup

At the last Full Council meeting, we agreed to fly the South African flag for the start of the World Cup. The motion agreed read as follows:

“Council notes that this week marks the sixteenth anniversary of the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s first democratically elected President and welcomes the achievements of South Africans since 1994 as they have worked to overcome the legacies and injustices of apartheid.

Council recognises the very important links that exist between our city and the South African people, reaffirms its commitment to the work of Local Authority Action for Southern Africa (LAACTSA) and applauds South Africa as it prepares to play host to the 2010 Football World Cup, the largest international event ever to be held on South African soil.

Council hopes that the focus of the World Cup will lead to a continuation of the South African Government’s commitment to an open, fair, free and democratic government, to freedom of the press, opposition to human rights abuses in the region, and the equality of all South Africans.

Council resolves to fly the South African flag over the City Chambers on Friday, 11th June, the opening day of the World Cup, as a show of our solidarity with the South African people.”


Graeme said...

I recommend checking out

For unbiased, normal, possibly even thoughtful world cup punditry.

Che said...

so what'd you make of the 'British Armed Forces Day' flag flying this weekend? And what about Nicola Sturgeon speaking at this one day celebration of British imperial conquest and mass recruitment drive for the British military? Shameful.