Monday 11 June 2007

Back home...

I got the chance on Saturday to go back to my roots - Carluke SNP were hosting a celebration party for the many Councillors they got elected to South Lanarkshire Council, and for the election of Aileen Campbell MSP.

Carluke is my home town, and where I first joined the SNP at the age of seventeen. I was only able to attend a few branch meetings there before I headed off to Aberdeen for Uni, and I wasn't back in Carluke for long before I headed off to Brussels, and then later Glasgow. Despite that, the branch members in Carluke welcomed me in on Saturday, and treated me as if I'd never been away. I even got to participate in the frog race twice! It was great to see everyone again.

I always feel like the SNP is like a family - people care about each other. I hope that never changes.

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