Thursday 13 March 2008

Women's Day Event

I attended an event today at Celtic Park organised by Greater Easterhouse Women's Aid to mark International Women's Day (yes, I know it was on the 8th of March), which centred on highlighting the continuing scourge of domestic abuse.

I was already aware of some of the issues, but the presentations at the event focussed my attention on many other issues and problems. In particular, two issues stood out: the number of hoops a woman fleeing violence must jump through, and the high proportion of domestic abuse cases in the East End of Glasgow. Many agencies were in attendance at the event, and I hope that they will be spurred on to tackle the communication and co-ordination problems identified in the presentations. There seems to be a real need for everyone to work smarter and more closely to prevent women falling through the gaps.

I hope as well that the warm words spoken by people today turn into further action to change attitudes and stop the very private cycle of violence which persists in our society.

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Anonymous said...

I wholly support your comments on this. Several years ago when I was heading up a hosuing association in the East End I had to leave work at the end of a Frdiay feeling a mixture of failur and worry.

A tenant arived early in the afternoon in a state of near-terror after having been threatended by her so-called partner. We went thorugh all sorts of the hoopps you refer to in order to get this women and her young daughter some sort of decent quick alternative accomodation.

It was a revelation to me how, depite all the statutory provisions, joint agency contracts, partnership working etc. etc. by the end of the day we were little further on, other than to advise the lady to 'get down to Hamish Allan Homeless Unit and just plead your case'.

After that I was repeatedly met by sheer disbelief when trying to tell members of the public about the episode. I suspect there is still an attitude around that (as was said to me at the time) 'people like her have it all laid on a plate for them'