Sunday 5 October 2008

Abercromby Street Clean Up

I had the pleasure of helping out Friends of the Calton Weavers and the children of St James Primary in my ward with their clean up in Abercromby Street cemetery on Thursday morning. It was a clear bright day, and the kids were very enthusiastic and keen to learn more about the history of the area.

The clean up was supported by Clean Glasgow and Land and Environmental Services, and covered in Saturday's Evening Times.

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Anonymous said...

Well, on the same theme I was at the launch of the Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers launch at the Lighthouse last Tuesday night and I was left hoping (and hopeful) that this particular initiative does succeed and go places. The thing that impressed me is that it seemed to be all about the Council accepting that it’s ‘A Good Idea’ to do things in practical and real partnership with the citizens.

If one were a cynic, one might say 'Aye but they're only doing it because they don't have the resources any more to do it all themselves'. (A Councillor Simpson said as much). Me? I don't care about the motivation, so long as the intention is true partnership with the citizens, let's all go for it! As Philip Larkin said, "Beautiful art can grow from some mucky stuff".