Tuesday 1 December 2009

New location for De Wson

I made it through to Lanark last night to celebrate the launch of my friend Fiona's new shop.

This is her third location in as many years - who said starting a business was easy?! - and has moved to the bottom of Lanark's High Street as you come into the town.
Fiona designs and makes outfits from scratch, meaning that you'll never see someone else in your dress!

Fiona was the year above me at school, doing Sixth Year Studies art when I was doing Higher. Since then, she's studied at the textile college in Galashiels and St Martins in London. She's incredibly talented and driven, and recently exhibited at London fashion week. She also made my wedding dress!

I've posted a wee picture of her glowing new shop front - please stop in next time you're in Lanark. You'll be amazed at what Fiona can create!


Dark Lochnagar said...

Hi, Are you aware you are quoted in 'Drumlarig' in Scotland on Sunday? To the best of my knowledge apart from Mark, there have been only two other blogs closed down. One temporarily and the other because the young man involved, life's commitments changed and he was no longer able to spend the time it takes. I know how long that can be!

BellgroveBelle said...

Thanks - I saw it.