Sunday 30 October 2011

Building in Bridgeton

I've been watching the new Glasgow Community and Safety Services building rise out of the ground near Bridgeton Cross over the past weeks and months, and on Thursday morning I got the chance to visit. Clyde Gateway were very helpful - both in minding Alexander while I donned a hardhat, and explaining how the building will work.

It's pretty impressive - the atrium area (shown in the photo) will dominate the building. There's a lot of light too, streaming in the big glazed areas facing south on London Road. The views over the city from the upper floors are also impressive - you can see the City Centre rooftops, up to Dennistoun, along to the new velodrome. 

Part of the rationale for the building of the offices is to show other developers why locating in Bridgeton can work for them - the development's still a few months away from having people sitting at desks, but you can just about imagine people working and meeting in the different spaces. 

Local people have been employed in the construction works, and although most of the jobs will be moving from a City Centre office to this one, this kind of development could really be a boost to local businesses, cafes, shops, and even various other retailers. It'll bring life to a bit of London Road that's quite lonely at night.

I'm looking forward to going back in the New Year, when more of the building works will be nearing completion.

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