Friday 16 February 2007

Anti Blair Demonstration

As Blair was in Glasgow on Friday, I was asked to take part in a demonstration outside the Labour youth and student conference where he was due to speak.

There weren't many protesters outside the
Crowne Plaza - some anti war people, some folk from Greenpeace, and our wee band. I suppose the lack of numbers was mainly due to the timing - most people wouldn't be able to get out of work, school or uni at 1pm on a Friday.

The thing which struck
me most about the demonstration was the hugely over the top security. Like the demo I attended at Faslane, there were far more police than protesters. I wonder what Labour's Duncan McNeil would've made of this, after all the grumbling, fuss and headlines he made about policemen being pulled away from front line duties to babysit demonstrators. Will he be complaining in the press? Accusing Blair of putting his constituents' lives at risk? Somehow, I doubt it.

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