Monday 12 February 2007

Nice surprise

Since a misguided foray into 5-a-sides last Thursday, I've been suffering from some kind of muscle strain in my neck. Doing his best as a nursemaid, the boyfriend brought me up a roll'n'bacon and a copy of the Sunday Herald.

High minded gal that I am, I always start with the magazine section, followed by the sport and the main news section. I save Seven Days for last, as I always look forward to reading Tom Shields' take on the world. This week, his column put a bigger
smile than usual on my face.

While many other news commentators have more often than not swallowed Labour's scaremongering or reported primarily the Labour point of view, the Buffer takes a realistic approach to the elections. I've mused over which bits I liked best from his article, and whether or not to stick in a quote, but I think you'd be best reading it yourself.

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