Tuesday 4 November 2008


05:00 Obama's acceptance speech. Unifying. Inclusive. Hopeful.

"Renewing this nation's promise."
"I will never forget who this campaign belongs to; it belongs to you
"this is your victory"
"I promise you, we as a people will get there"
"I will listen to you, especially when we disagree"
"democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope"
"yes we can"

I'm crying too now. See you in Glenrothes and Baillieston. Goodnight

04:37 It's 338 to 155 now, Nevada having also gone to Obama.

04:18 McCain concedes defeat. Very magnanimous, generous and complimentary. Not quite sure why he needs a teleprompter for something so simple. Will is right, too. McCain's supporters were quite badly behaved.

04:08 I'm just so excited and overcome, and it looks like I'm the only one in my entire street who's awake! Just send texts to a bunch of people. Fabulous campaign, inspiring man, incredible hope for the future.

Results are still coming in, but at present it's McCain 145 to Obama's 297. Wonder when the speeches start...


03:59 Virginia took their time, but CNN have finally predicted it as Obama's - the first Democrat to win there since LBJ apparently.

03:41 California, Washington, Idaho, Hawaii and Oregon are next, but there's still eight of the earlier states to confirm. C'mon Florida, pull yourself together!

03.24 CNN give Misissippi to McCain. Wish the other states would hurry it up a bit, getting a bit tired here!

03:01 CNN predict Iowa for Obama, Utah and Kansas to McCain. 89 to McCain, 206 to Obama.

03:00 Right, coming up now: Iowa, Montana, Nevada and Utah.

02:46 The footage from Chicago is truly phenomenal. There are so many people, you can't see where they end. They all look so hopeful.

02:41 McCain takes a chunk back, winning Texas. BBC says McCain 124 Obama 200.

02:29 CNN say Virginia, North Carolina and Florida are close. They only have 15% of the vote in Ohio counted - how can they possibly call it? I couldn't be sure of Glasgow East and I was seeing the votes stacking up in front of me. Feels like they're rushing this a bit?.

02:24 CNBC is projecting Ohio for Obama, Lousiana for McCain

02:15 Slightly worried by the fact that the pundits on the BBC are using twitter feeds too! Euronews continuing to run ahead (180 - 109) but is calling tiny Wyoming (3 votes) for Obama rather than the prevailing view that it's McCain's.

02:00 Fifteen more states rush in - Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, South Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico have no date, CNN predict North Dakota and Wyoming for McCain, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island and Wisconsin for Obama. CNN now have McCain on 49 and Obama on 174. New Hampshire and New Mexico are Senate wins for the Democrats.

01:45 Is the band at McCain HQ taking the piss? They're playing "Is she really going out with him"? There's something going wrong around here... Euronews says McCain 69 Obama 103.

01:30 BBC calls Arkansas and Alabama for McCain. Frustratingly, there's still a lot of previous states to be announced. McCain 49 Obama 103. It's interesting the difference between the Obama party in the park and the McCain bash in the ballroom; Obama is letting the public own the campaign, and the victory which I hope comes later.

01:08 Florida looking very interesting in the CNN breakdown.

01:05 No, wait, BBC says 103 Obama 34 McCain.

01:00 Polls close in fifteen states - CNN project Massachusetts, llinois, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine, and the District of Colombia for Obama, Oklahoma and Tennessee for McCain.

All of a sudden, Obama leaps to 77 - over 43 to McCain. This thing is going fast.

00:51 Hmm, Euronews says McCain 16 Obama 3. They're showing live feed from Phoenix, Arizona of a band playing Nowhere Man.

00:35 CNBC's coverage is pretty amateur in comparison to... everyone. Some guys arguing, that's it.

00:30 North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia have closed their polls. It's amazing to see the vote totals running up on screen. Perhaps an improvement on ecounting for the next Scottish Parliament elections?

00:27 The CNN touchscreen map is far cooler.

00:16 Why are CNN trialling some weird hologram thing? It looked better on Star Wars. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, You're my only hope!

00:10 Quite enjoying the twitter feed - it's kind of addictive. Warner takes senate seat from the Republicans in Virginia.

00:01 McCain 8 Obama 3

00:00 Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia are closed. Results a go go!

23:50 Why does the CNN studio need so many tvs behind the presenters and pundits?

Right, I'm jumping right in here with both feet...

23:44 Isn't it terrifying that Obama is going to give a speech behind bullet proof glass?


Malc said...

I wasn't aware he was speaking behind glass. That's a sad state of affairs.

David said...

Live blogging eh? Does that mean your committing to staying online until it's all over?

Will said...

"Why are CNN trialling some weird hologram thing?"

Because they can, of course!

BellgroveBelle said...

Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

Will said...

True, but they had to have a new toy to show off... and the Virtual Capitol broke down while they were showing viewers how it ought to work! ;)

Holyrood Patter said...

I'm going with the BBC shamelessy on my own blog. I dont think the bbc ever gets things wrong. Hold on, ive got a voicemail

David said...

its all over, now 56 to 43 in Ohio for Obama. Time for bed.

BellgroveBelle said...

Sleep's for the weak ;-)

David said...

its either sleep now or fall asleep during my bailie speech in the afternoon

BellgroveBelle said...

Who are you speaking to?

David said...

there's an international youth business conference taking place this week, so they have a civic reception.

David said...

well done for toughing it out,

what an amazing result...i think i might wait up a bit longer afterall