Thursday 5 March 2009

Recycling in the East

It was chilly yesterday, but there was a great turnout of press, local school pupils, and a few politicians for the opening of the new state of the art recycling centre at Tesco Shettleston, the first automated recycling centre in Scotland. The pupils were from the Eco-Committee at Wellshot Primary, with one pupil having designed a great poster which graces the outside of the recycling machine.

The centre is a bold statement, and represents a considerable investment by Tesco of £150,000. The automated recycling machine designed by Tomra of Norway crushes and granulates materials on site, reducing the number of times it has to be emptied by lorry, and improving efficiency in recycling.

A wider range of items can be recycled on site than before -
glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminium food and drink cans, plastic bottles (such as milk containers and soft drink/ water bottles), yoghurt pots and plastic food trays. Being Tesco, you even get Clubcard points for what you recycle!

The Scottish Government's recycling targets are ambitious, and Glasgow has had a historically poor record of recycling. I know staff in Land and Environmental Services are keen to improve, and much is being done. Assistance from business is important in the bigger picture to reduce waste and improve our recycling performance; as they say, every little helps...

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