Tuesday 11 August 2009


I went swimming last week for the first time in at least a year. It's not because I saw this report, or was particularly influenced by any health campaigns - instead, it's more that the suits I bought when I got elected are starting to get a bit tight.

I reckoned it was time to face facts, and instead of going to a "panic session" of Body Combat whenever I feel a bit flabby, I really need to find time for regular exercise. I've done gym inductions, but have never really been back since. I have no excuse! From where I live in Dennistoun there are great facilities for getting fit - Alexandra Park, Haghill, Whitehill Pool, and the East End Healthy Living Centre.

Although it sounds like it, I'm not actually any kind of exercise-phobe. At school, I played hockey every Saturday and trained during the week. I played all the inter-house sports, and ran the school cross country. I opted to do a session of PE in fifth and sixth year (very few girls did likewise). When I went to Uni, I tried a bit of netball in first year and occasionally played badminton with folk from work. Since then, I've really fallen out of the habit. I loved team sports, and feel a bit shy about joining anywhere on my own. I'm worried too that I wouldn't be able to give the time necessary to stay involved. If there's any teams out there that would have me, I'd be glad if someone let me know!

I went back to the pool this morning for the 7.45am session and it wasn't as hard as I expected. I had an early night last night, and was weirdly very awake this morning. I had plenty of time to fit in a forty-five minute swim, and got back home in time to get changed and catch the train into town with my husband. Now I have proof that it can be done, it's just a small matter of keeping the routine going.


Anonymous said...


I had a look at the people demonstrating body combat via your link and they are not very good on a technical level.

The most important thing about exercise is first developing attendance in the pupil.

You should also try and find a suitable training partner.

Then after the trainee gets the hang of turning up, development of their technical ability.

After that exercise can be fun.

Unfortunately Glasgow City Council need a major rethink of the educational provision in Sports Centres.

I would describe it as very much lacking, that is why commerical gyms are so much better.

Finally, have you considered that putting the SNP symbol on the cakes you bake could increase body weight?

BellgroveBelle said...

Thanks for your comments - will pass them on to the appropriate spokesperson. Body combat is a popular commercial franchise that the Council and other providers buy into.

Putting the SNP symbol on the cakes would probably be as unhealthy as hundreds and thousands. Both are marginal in the fatty context of the rest of the cake! ;-) Lots of calories are burnt leafleting closes during campaigns...

William said...


I've tried attending Tollcross early in the morning but I've never been able to sustain it. I've found the best time for me is after work around 5pm. You definitely need a fixed time to establish some kind of routine. Unless you're a fitness fanatic, if you only take exercise when you 'find the time' then you'll never find the time.

Good luck with it if you can keep going in the morning but the dark mornings will soon set in! Find a time and stick to it above all else.

All the best.

Pat said...

Your blog has clearly had some kind of subliminal effect because there were three other members of the SNP's dennistoun mafia in Whitehill last night.

BellgroveBelle said...

Cheers folks - went swimming again last Thursday and this morning. Getting into the routine!