Tuesday 11 August 2009

SNP Government Funding for Bridgeton

I was delighted on Friday to hear the news that the Scottish Government has awarded Bridgeton £1.95 million to go towards redeveloping the town centre.

When the SNP Government introduced this scheme, I really hoped Bridgeton could benefit from it. Our Glasgow MSPs lobbied hard to make sure that the definition of "town centres" allowed those in cities to be included. As much as town centres in rural areas need assistance, urban town centres are often neglected for investment in the city centre. The Merchant City, International Financial Services District and the "golden z" are nice, but it's as important to invest in the places where people actually live.

Bridgeton Town Centre was chosen as one of the forty-eight town centres across Scotland to receive this funding, and has received the highest sum of money in Glasgow. This is a massive boost for the area, and shows the SNP Government’s commitment to regeneration in the East End.

I know that staff at Clyde Gateway are working hard to develop plans for the area alongside the wishes of local people, and this money will really add to what they can do. I fully support funds going towards the redevelopment of the former Olympia Cinema, which could become a huge asset for the East End.

There is £20 million in the town centre regeneration fund pot to be awarded later this year, and I am sure that Parkhead Cross, which missed out this time, will have a very good chance of getting selected next time. Parkhead has had some investment through the Townscape Heritage Initiative, but like so many of Glasgow's neglected town centres, it needs a bit extra to really make the difference for local people.


Kevin McDonagh said...

Dear me does Bridgeton need it. As long as they don't erect any abstract art pieces which would be completely rejected by the local residents! More lights, more flowers, more pretty things.

Bridgeton has it's fair share of shamabling, benefit frauding, junkie zombies but the more people are left to dwell in a bad situation, the less human they will feel. Making their environment a place where they can start to take pride in will make a world of difference.

To complement this I would love to se some parenting classes or some local community center efforts to bring some of the Bridgeton kids into line because it might be in a better state in the future but it will will be too late for them to have benefitted. They are at loose ends around Brideton and without some quality role models.

Anonymous said...

I sadly hold a rather more sceptical view of Bridgeton and sadly think that renewing the “town centre” will be of no benefit to the wider community. Having recently bought in Bridgeton, having previously lived only minutes away in Dennistoun, the differences are massive. The people have no pride in the “town”, the work has now started and several occasions I have noticed that the area being worked on is hampered by locals, protective barriers kicked down, road signs flung into the middle of the work area etc. I can’t understand why anyone would want to prevent what can only be of benefit to them? In addition to this there are few places I have ever been that dog fouling seems as big an issue! No one seems to pick up after their dogs, probably as they hold the belief that its not their responsibility, “the council should dae it” one response I had on enquiring. Therefore I believe that the new town centre will remain as before, covered in dogs dirt and full to the brim with anti social behaviour.