Tuesday 8 September 2009

Glum Councillors

Esther has just pointed me in the direction of this blog: http://glumcouncillors.tumblr.com/

I know I've posted some grimly boring pictures of bits of road in the past, and I feel I should apologise if these made you lose the will to live. I tend not to feature in the photos as I don't drag someone around with me to take the picture! My husband suggests I'm a bit tragic... he may well be right!

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G Laird said...

Dear Alison

I feel that the pics show that roadworks are a serious business.

Any aspiring politican who hasn't be photographed standing beside a big hole in the road should do so immediately.

Furry animals are good too, althought that didn't work for Wendy Alexander.

In Glasgow there are many excellent holes to stand beside but you will have to queue as the Labour Party like to claim them as their own!

Glaswegians may not be able to go to the moon but at least we have the next best thing, lumpy rocks and tar scattered about the place.

As someone who nearly did his ankle in a pothole; I know these things as well as the next person.

Bus stops are the best place to find holes, and to get soaked when cars zip through.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University