Tuesday 29 September 2009

SNP: learning from the past

Clearly 1975 is further back in history than the 80s, but I believe learning from the past is pretty important. Councillor Owen Thomson just popped an article up on facebook which reminded me why.

Simon Johnson, Scottish Political Editor of the Telegraph, brings news of recently released details from the National Archives of Scotland.

Records from 1975, just released, show Government officials admitted that the discovery of oil had transformed the economic case for separation.

They calculated that Scots’ average income would increase by up to 30 per cent per head and it could be “credibly argued” that repealing the Act of Union was to Scotland’s advantage.

I would love to have the time to nip through to the capital and have a look through the papers to see what other gems are there; it sounds from the article that the team of eleven civil servants in the room had quite mixed views on the matter.

It also makes you wonder - if Labour and the Tories could both conspire to hide this from us then, what are they hiding now?

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