Tuesday 13 October 2009

If they scrape that barrel much more, they'll go through it...

Hat tip to Chris at Leaves on the Line, who has found this gem of a press release on Willie Bain’s website.

“Nationalist blunder as campaign admits it rents a "tiny" office”

Not only is this scraping the barrel for petty attacks on the SNP, this also demonstrates Labour’s misconception of what a campaign office is actually for. It’s not for activists to sit about in, chat and drink tea – it’s for the organisation and distribution of campaign materials. On my visits so far to our rooms, I’ve seen our enthusiastic activists turn up, ready to work, and head out with bundles of materials. We’re not hanging around!

There is a kitchen in our campaign office of course, for distribution of tea, coffee, soup, sandwiches and biccies, but this is to cater mainly for the many activists coming from further afield to lend their support.

In other related guff – why are Labour activists so afraid to show their faces?!


Jeff said...

Wow, that really is desperate.

Given Eric Joyce is delighting in opening his second constituency office (within 6 miles of the other one), at least Labour are consistent in the more/bigger is better.

The turned activists is extremely bizarre though...

rullko said...

Those pictures remind me of the end of The Blair Witch Project.

Chris said...

Hi Alison! Thanks for the link!

It looks like our friends in Team Bain are still having problems finding real stories:


Shock, horror, SNP use a private company to deliver leaflets. If they are so appalled by this innocuous little thing are we to presume they won't be taking up the option to have free election address leaflets delivered by the Royal Mail? I also wonder if anyone pointed out to the enthusiast wee wannabe that posted this story that we use the same delivery firms as they do...? Oh dear!

Yousuf Hamid said...

It's to show off the Scottish Labor logo on the back of the wonderful jackets!

Shame really, after all everyon knows Scottish Labour activists have some of the best looking faces in the world...

joe90 kane said...

New Labour seem to have a 'thing' about big expensive buildings that nobody else in Scotland is interested in, or can use even.

Weren't New Labour the ones who decided all by themselves, in their foreign HQ in London, that Scotland needed a new parliament building?

I'm sure it was.

I won't even mention Tony Ozymandius and his Millenium Dome.

A billion in taxpayer pounds each, nearly.

In other related guff – why are Labour activists so afraid to show their faces?!
- This is known as the 'Tony Blair Syndrome' or the 'Gordon Brown Effect' where New Labour are scared to show off their glorious leader at by-election constuencies because they know it's a vote loser.

The 'Gordon Brown Effect' has also been held responsible for deliberately delaying by-elections for months on end, and also for calling off of a general election at the last minute.

all the best BB

BellgroveBelle said...

I'm not sure I'm able agree with you there Yousuf, I've never seen enough of your activists to make a judgement ;-)

We have some lovely dayglo vests for campaigning, but I prefer my yellow frock!

Brian Hill said...

I've seen Willie Bain twice in debate with the other candidates. He looks and sounds like a fourth former sitting next to Head Master David Kerr.

Some of his statements have been banal at best. A strong, loud colourful campaign will demoralise Labour footsoldiers and potential voters whilst geeing up SNP equivalents.

What would be a disaster is another 'invisible' campaign as witnessed in Glenrothes.

Let's get out there and do it!!!

yangdoodly said...

well i never knew that the snp have lost my vote

Brian Hill said...

You never knew what, yangdoodly? What has been said to make the SNP lose your vote?

joe90 kane said...

In the interests of objectivity,
I was wondering if anybody has an image of New Labour's stately pleasure dome in Kubla Khan Street in Glasgow's North East?

Situated in one of the poorest areas of Britian, I'm sure the local burghers will be impressed by its Westminster-like moats, duck islands and sacred river Alph.

Maybe New Labour could put it on parliamentary expenses which many of their MPs were so keen on, up until just lately.

Or maybe New Labour could pay for it out of Trade Union dues, subsidised by TU members who don't support or vote for New Labour but are forced to subsidise it anyway, wether they like it or not.

all the best BB

GNEpix said...

This may be of interest: 1600 photos of Glasgow North East taken over the last 10 years here:


They can be embedded or attached to any GNE-related blog post.