Friday 20 November 2009

Happy news from Bo'ness



The SNP has enjoyed an overwhelming victory in the Bo'ness & Blackness
by-election in Falkirk by winning the seat on the first count of votes
with an overwhelming 58% of the vote whilst Labour’s vote fell back from
2007. The victory sees the election of Ann Ritchie as the new SNP
councillor for the seat.

The SNP vote rose by 10% from May 2007 to 58% today whilst Labour fell
back 2% to 30%. The result equals a 6% swing to the SNP.

Commenting on the victory Falkirk West SNP MSP Michael Matheson said:

"This is an outstanding result for the SNP in the Central Scotland region.
For the SNP to win outright on the first preference votes with almost
double the share Labour received is a remarkable result for the SNP in
central Scotland.

“Labour very much thought they were in with a shout and will be very, very
disappointed to have not only been defeated but to see their vote fall.

"Ann Ritchie will make an excellent councillor for Bo'ness & Blackness and
her well-deserved victory reflects on how the SNP is addressing the issues
that matter to people locally and nationally.

"More importantly this is a great tribute to the late Cllr Harry Constable
whose sad death led to this by-election. As a long-serving councillor for
the area his hard work has obviously left a strong and enduring legacy for
the SNP."

Commenting on her victory Cllr Ann Ritchie said;

"It is an honour to have been elected to represent Bo'ness & Blackness on
Falkirk Council.

"I look forward to working with my SNP colleagues on the council, in
Parliament and in the SNP Government to put forward a positive vision for
Falkirk and to fight for the interests of Bo'ness & Blackness.

"The sad passing of respected Councillor Harry Constable was a loss to
Bo'ness & Blackness because he had contributed so much to the community
over many years.

"I will work hard to ensure Harry’s legacy continues to show that it is
the SNP which represents the best interests of ordinary people."



1. The results of the first preference votes were:

SNP (Ann Ritchie): 1,604 votes - 58% (+10%)
Labour: 823 votes - 30% (-2%)
Tory: 283 votes - 10% (-3%)
LibDem: 79 votes - 3% (3%)

A 6% swing from Labour to the SNP.

Since a majority of votes was acquired on the first count Cllr Ann Ritchie
was elected at the first stage of counting.

2. Details on Ann Ritchie:

Anne, a married mother of two has a long record of service to the wider
Bo'ness community and is:

• An Executive member of the Bo'ness Children's Fair Day Committee
• Chair of the Appeals Committee for the Fair Day
• A Church Elder and Sunday School teacher in the Carriden Parish Church
• 12 years a member of the Bo'ness Community Council
• Parent member of the Bo'ness Public School Council
• Coach to local girls youth football team


Anonymous said...

Are you not worried about blogging after SNP aide Mark MacLachlan was forced to resign ??

Big Eck said...

What's happening as well with Councillor James Dornan and Councillor Dingwall being asked questions by Strathclyde Police?

Is this to do with the blog you wrote the other week ? What are your views on the issue and can i ask what you said in the debate ?

Big Eck said...

Thank goodness

BellgroveBelle said...

Oh, hello anonymous trolls. I'm not going to feed you.

joe90 kane said...

I thought it best to allow the unionist frothing about snp bloggers to die down to a comfortable civilsed level before mentioning anything. Not that I've got anything much to say worth taking any notice of.

Anyway, here are few interesting comments from the very reasonable Go Lassie Go blog.
I hope BellegroveBelle doesn't mind if I reproduce them in full,
as follows -

Indeed Joan the DTP have vested interest in slaughtering the Independence support. More often than not , the bloggers call into question the veracity of their output.

I note no mention of the Labour candidates who are also involved in smearing bloggers. They actually have an outsourced department to carry it out. How very new Labour....

- Posted by: Juan | November 29, 2009 at 12:54 PM

Now you notice someone going on about how horrible it is for nationalists to smear Labour and then states: "if she is right, then the SNP leadership is truly despicable, no need to mince words..."

And provides not even a smidgen of evidence. I believe the correct phrase for that is pot, meet kettle.

As an American with an intense interest in Scottish politics (a strange thing, but that's all right), I have been struck time after time after time by the intensity and viciousness of the attacks on-line against nationalists.

Do you see Alex Salmond going around whining and threatening lawsuits because bloggers (and I could point you to a LOT of them) call him a c*nt and worse? How many times have I seen NATIONALISTS called sewer scum, racists, etc., etc.

I would be REALLY interested in seeing NotW in attacking those bloggers. Do I EXPECT to see it happen? *snort snort*


- Posted by: Jeanne Tomlin | November 29, 2009 at 09:38 PM

From -
Slaughter of the cybernats : update of earlier post
GLG blog
29 Nov 2009