Wednesday 10 March 2010

Debate is Free - Question Time event

Wee plug for the lovely Kirsteen from Debate is Free at Subcity Radio. They're having a Question Time style debate on Thursday night, and looking at the line up of guests, it'll be well worth a listen.

Details here:

As part of Subcity Radio's 15th birthday celebrations and the highlight of the stations news and current affairs programming this year it is holding a special edition of political discussion programme Debate is Free which airs on Sunday mornings. This special edition of Debate is Free: Election 2010 aims to cater for young, first time and undecided voters who live in Scotland.

While Question Time is holding a similar event Debate is Free will be focusing on Westminster issues that are important to voters in Scotland rather than the whole of the UK. Scotland has a unique political landscape in contrast to the rest of the UK thanks to devolution and Debate is Free is eager to give voters the chance to raise their issues. The programme which has interviewed political heavyweights such as Shami Chakrabarti and Vince Cable with its open format will record on the 11th of March starting at 1930 to broadcast on the 12th.

Want to apply to be part of the audience for Debate is Free: General Election 2010? Simply go to and fill in all your details.

The panel for the debate on the 11th of March is as follows.

Patrick Harvie- Glasgow MSP and Co-Convener of the Scottish Greens

Ann McKechin- Glasgow MP and Minister for the Scotland Office

Alistair Carmichael- MP for Shetland and Orkney and Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland and
Northern Ireland.

Tommy Sheridan- Co-convener of Solidarity

John Mason- Glasgow MP and SNP Spokesman of Work and Pensions

Richard Cook- Conservative PPC for East Renfrewshire against Secretary of State Jim Murphy.

If you don't want to be part of the audience but still want to submit a question or comment on the show then email or look us up on Twitter: debateisfree or become a fan of us on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

question time in glasgow today: is alex salmond going to be on?