Tuesday 16 March 2010

Why should I vote for x?

Iain Dale's blog today links to a series of wee books by Biteback, of which the Lib Dem book is apparently selling best.

I hear they're interesting wee books, chock-full of arguments for the doorstep. Good for voters and activists alike!

I'd of course like to plug the SNP version - although oddly it's slightly dearer than the UK parties! I've had it suggested that's because it's just of greater value...

For the more cynical among you, there's a Why Vote? book to get you started.

I'll do a review once mine arrives!


Hythlodaeus said...

I'm afraid I won't be buying a copy of Why Vote SNP? If long term readership of Iain Dale's blog has taught me anything, it's that I don't particularly want to give him money (and that his reputation far outstrips the quality of his writing, which I find slightly bizarre).

Doug Daniel said...

I think the price is dictated by demand - Iain Dale suggests the order of popularity is Lib Dems, Tory then Labour, and obviously the SNP, Plaid and Green books are going to be lower sellers than those three. The order of cheapness? Lib Dem, Tory then Labour, followed by SNP/Plaid/Greens.

I'll look forward to your review - I notice Angus Robertson wrote/edited it, so it should be an interesting read.

John said...

I am a constituent of Councillor Thewlis. I am a volunteer adviser for the Citizens Advice Bureau and have been for about over 4 years. I have voted SNP about 97% of the time. I also voted for John Mason MP.

I have watched Alex Salmond and his minority government in action for the last two and half years.

I will NOT be voting SNP in a Parliamentary or Scottish Parliament elections.

I think John Mason MP is a good, decent MP and I like what he is doing about former Councillor Purcell by requesting the police investigate his time as leader of the council, while he was taking Drugs.

I also ask myself, is he doing this because an election is weeks away as I don’t hear any of the Five SNP Glasgow MSP’s voice their concerns on this issue.

I have met SNP Councillor Billy McAllister and I was very impressed with him and he helped me a lot and I am very Grateful to him.

Alex Salmond has learned a lot from being at Westminster, that’s why he draws two salaries. He will get a good pension from the Westminster seat. There are a number of issues I could raise about Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon but I will not do it on Councillor Thewlis blog.

Councillor Thewlis, are you going to delete my comments?

John Quinn, Parkhead, Glasgow

BellgroveBelle said...

Hi John. I'm certainly not going to delete your post! Thanks for putting your views.

The timing of the Purcell/Council issue is an event entirely outwith our control. John Mason is going on this partly as he used to be a Councillor and is well-qualified to lead on the matter, but you may also have seen SNP group leader Cllr James Dornan on Newsnicht last night speaking on the issue.

Nicola mentioned the matter in her speech to SNP conference on Sunday afternoon, Sandra White has also been quoted.

If you believe John is a good, decent MP, I would recommend you vote for him. Electing someone else when John's already doing a good job hardly seems logical.