Monday 6 December 2010

Winter update

I've received the following information from Glasgow City Council. I hope it's of some help.

As you are aware, significant snowfalls have wreaked havoc across central Scotland this morning. Although all our priority routes were in good condition at 0800 hrs this morning, the intensity of the snow meant that they were quickly covered.
The atrocious conditions have resulted in a suspension of all other operations including refuse collection and all of our available resources are currently deployed on arterial roads and footways. Routes to schools and hospitals continue to be treated as a priority.
Most public transport operators have suspended their operations and we are working with them to provide whatever support we can.
Difficulties on the adjacent motorway network have resulted in traffic either queuing within the city or attempting to find an alternative route.
Our most recent forecast suggests that the snow will move away southwards this afternoon, clearing by 1500-1600hrs. Thereafter, it will be dry with long clear periods, although there is the chance of a few freezing fog patches overnight. It will be very cold once again with widespread ice. Tuesday and Wednesday will remain very cold but mainly dry with lengthy clear spells. During Thursday and Friday, a strengthening north-westerly breeze will bring more cloud and eventually slightly milder conditions with occasional light rain and drizzle too.
LES will continue to operate around the clock in dealing with the current conditions and will endeavour to return all services to normal as quickly as possible.
Updated information on the adverse weather conditions can be found here:

Updated information on school closures can be found here:

The Council has also been putting updates on Twitter here:

If you do not have a Twitter account you can still get updates via SMS from Twitter using their Fast Follow service by texting follow GlasgowCC to 86444 in the United Kingdom. To stop following text unfollow GlasgowCC to 86444. Standard messages rates will apply.  More details on the Fast Follow service are available on the Twitter site. 



Anonymous said...

love the "Difficulties on the adjacent motorway network have resulted in traffic either queuing within the city or attempting to find an alternative route."

queuing more like due workers being laid off at lunch today to make their way home as no public transport, unplowed and gritted roads, main arterial roads covered in ice... Its not as if no one has noticed its winter and preparations should be made for the changable weather that has been experienced over the last few winters.

More shocking bad planning/penny pinching, but i bet you the top councillors/dept heads have grit at their door

BellgroveBelle said...

It seems to me that the problems came from a combination of factors, most notably rush hour traffic in a blizzard which allowed snow to build up on carriageways and prevented gritters getting through.

There's always more that could be done, and I was shocked by the tailbacks on Alexandra Parade when I went out for some messages later in the afternoon.

The Council does plan, and works hard to make that plan work, but sometimes circumstances just get the better of us.

I can't speak for senior councillors, but for my own part, my street is as badly affected as those anywhere else. If you can make it to a local depot (listed on the Council website) grit is available for collection to do your own path.

My mum was affected trying to get home through North and South Lanarkshire, so it's certainly not just a Glasgow problem.