Tuesday 7 December 2010

Happy Anniversary to Calton Parkhead Church!

I attended a special service at the Calton Parkhead Church on Sunday afternoon to celebrate it's 75th anniversary. It was lovely to hear a bit of the history of the Church - from the Minister who divorced his suffragette wife to the more recent fireworks at an ordination. I've since found more fascinating information here.

After the event, there was an opportunity to look through the archives - photos of smartly dressed BBs, mischievous school children, dedicated parishioners, weddings and baptisms. I would really have liked longer to pore over all those lives lived! Alexander has been quite poorly with a bad cold, so I couldn't stay long; it was weird to be there without him.

I also learned from the Headteacher at Dalmarnock Primary that, despite last week's weather, every member of her staff team had made it in to work, including a supply teacher who was only in one day. Another member of staff came in voluntarily to help 'just in case'. I don't know how the staff managed yesterday, but their efforts and dedication should certainly be commended.

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Amused Socialist said...

As opposed to letting out terrorists - causing diplomatic incidents - just to make a point.

Look at us world and what we can do cry the SNP.

Personally, "offending" an eastern European country is not quite in the same league as angering a superpower.

Then there is the absurdity of having the SNP moan about the powers it doesnt have; whilst allowing the constitutional powers it does have to lapse!

Thats the level of nationalist statesmanship....

May cant come soon enough my dear. Its a foregone conclusion. 4 years of misrule is quite enough for the Scots.