Tuesday 8 March 2011

Riverside Museum

I was invited by Glasgow Life to go on Friday morning for a wee sneak preview of the Riverside Museum, the new Museum of Transport down by the Clyde. Like many folk, I did love the old museum and wasn't quite sure I would like it; I was very pleasantly surprised. 

The museum is a striking building, although close up, it does seem a bit grey. The real treats are inside. 

I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say without giving up any secrets, but I can say that the big vehicles are all in place - trains, trams and cars of all descriptions. Some of the model ships are in place, lovingly cleaned and beautifully displayed. Other ships will get the chance to move as if sailing! There's a new old street, which feels so realistic you feel you could pick up some messages and get a pint while you're there. I can't wait to see the finished article!

According to the website, there will be more items on display than even in the old museum - with lots of interactive displays to put the items in context. I hope, since I asked questions about this at committee some time ago, that these will be built to last. We were told on the tour that museum curators will be able to add information, so there will always be more to discover. 

Part of the reason we got a preview was to spread the word about the Riverside Museum Appeal. All this restoration, preservation and inspiration doesn't come cheap - some £74million in fact. The Appeal hopes to generate £5million towards that total, and has nearly achieved that. They need your help to make it to the target. Please do check out the link, and find out more!

P.S. thanks to @michaels_dad, I now know that there is also an excellent blog for the project

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aedan said...

GoBike, the Glasgow Cycling Campaign, have been commenting on the transport links... particularly for bikes.

Apparently there will be special bike racks outside but no drop kerbs.

The old museum was handy for the bus and subway.

Now, I'm happy to cycle anywhere, but some people are scared of roads so a wee quite route might be nice for them and their kids.

I cycled to work every day and yesterday the kids in school said I was mad because it was a bit wet but with gas at the current price I think I'm the sensible one. In some ways I'm happy with high gas prices as it makes bicycle expenditure easier to justify but I know it's a problem for some people.

Word verification is "boateoc". The boat bit seems appropriate.

If you see someone hanging around the SECC tomorrow with a folding bike it might be me but I have to go do some work at the exam board in Robertson St all day.

I want to ask the FM why he likes Voyager more than other Star Trek but I probably will never get the chance to ask him so if you do...