Wednesday 14 November 2007

Dalmarnock Primary and London Road Nursery

I attended the official opening of Dalmarnock Primary and London Road Nursery today, and was very impressed by the show put on by the pupils. Many of the pupils had been given special responsibilities for meeting and greeting guests, and were a real credit to the school.

All the pupils were involved in putting on performances to celebrate the opening, from the nursery children who opened the event with a song about "people who help us", to the recorder players and the choir, and the very moving song which I was told had been composed in the school. One of the pupils presenting it said that the song was available to download, but I can't seem to find it. Once I track it and the composer down I'll post the details up. The whole school sang it and knew it off by heart; perhaps a replacement for Scotland the Brave?

Every colour, race and creed
May we celebrate indeed
A treasure tae this land
For aw tae see
And may peace and harmony
Keep us all in unity
Let's come together one and all

For this one bonnie Scotland
This bonnie, bonnie land
Let's stand together hand in hand
And may the world it see
We can live in harmony
Working together for this one Scotland

May the Muslim and the Jew
And the Sikh and the Hindu
The Protestant and Catholic one and all
May we build our future high
And we never hear the cry
Of bigotry and hatred never more


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