Wednesday 21 November 2007

Unhappy household

Both halves of the Thewliss - Wright household are united tonight in our individual grumpiness and gutted-ness.

Since neither Scotland nor England are going to Austria and Switzerland next summer, perhaps some alternative tournament might be worth having? It would be a useful warm up for the World Cup Qualifiers, and Scotland are now good enough to stand a chance of winning such a tourney... ;-)


Marco Biagi said...

Forza Azzurri!!!!

(I doubt that's even grammatically correct. I'm such a useless Scots-Italian sometimes.)

Knowledge Is Power said...

I'd love to see the Stanley Rous Cup contested again. It might not be good for your household having annual Scotland v England matches but the rest of the nation would love it.

BellgroveBelle said...

It would be interesting, but we may have to watch in separate rooms!