Friday 9 November 2007

Glasgow did it!

Nearly there!
Totally delighted by today's news that Glasgow has won the Commonwealth Games bid for 2014. I was at the Old Fruitmarket for the announcement, and I've never been in a room so tense! My hands were shaking as we got closer and closer to the result.

After the result was called, I headed out to the Bambury in my ward to join the celebrations. It's great news for the people of the East End of Glasgow, and the folk at the Bambury were excited for what the future holds. I hope we can all make it live up to their expectations.


Anonymous said...

Thought Bambury was where the naked lady rode a white horse? Sorry-no that was Banbury.

RfS said...

I was having a Chinese at lunch when I looked up the news on the old BlackBerry. I am surprised how excited I am about it.

I am looking forward to the rugby at Ibrox, that will be special.

Now all I have to is persuade them not to knock down the shooting facilities afterwards and we will all be happy.