Sunday 16 December 2007

Major problem with Labour Sleaze

And now for something completely different - how bad must things be for the Labour Party when John Major is weighing in to slag them off for sleaze?

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has accused Labour of presiding over "systemic sleaze" during its 10 years in government.

Sir John said the government had become "institutionally careless", citing as examples the Bernie Ecclestone affair and the David Abrahams funding row.

He said Tories had misbehaved when he was PM as individuals not members of government.

I'm sure that makes it all right then...

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RfS said...

Not alright, just better.

There was always a feeling after 1997 that the media downplayed Labour sleaze. While the Incompetent Major managed to collect individual grafters into his cabinet the Blair/Brown government worked to launder tax money into Labour party hands and raise other donations through selling passports, honours and access to government officials.

As I said before, Fayed paid Hamilton to ask questions in the Commons. Had he just held on and made it £20k to Labour party funds he could have ended up owning a lord who could then influence all kinds of laws being passed. That is the difference.

But yes, when Sir John is calling you sleazy then the game is pretty much up.