Saturday 8 December 2007

More Labour hypocrisy on Post Offices

I've blogged on Post Office closures before, so please bear with me while I give you an update!

I have finally been able to obtain a copy of the front page from Thursday's Evening Times. It's unusual for the paper to give such strong condemnation of Glasgow Labour MPs, and interesting also that by the final edition of the paper (the one most commuters will buy on their way home) the headline had changed to a picture of a swan shot by an air gun. Wonder what strings were pulled, and by whom?!

It's pretty scandalous that, given the crocodile tears these MPs have cried over the past six weeks, these Labour MPs can't be bothered turning up for this debate in the House of Commons. Given that MPs have a lot less to do these days, you'd think they'd make the time. Where were they? What was so essential that they'd let down their constituents? I think we should be told...


Anonymous said...

You can pretend to support the idea of the Post Office and a universal post but you will get found out. Is it just that the idea of the Post Office and the universal postage is just a bit too socialist for these MPs?

Anonymous said...

I've heard of taking drastic measures to deflect the news agenda, but sending out a couple of researchers to blow away some swans just to change the front page headline is taking it a wee bit far!