Saturday 22 December 2007

Principals without principles

I know that there still are a lot of contentious issues to be dealt with in University funding, but this really doesn't help their case. Keeping Sir Muir Russell in the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed does nothing whatsoever to help keep University staff in Scotland or to help those students struggling to make ends meet.

And he's not alone - while Sir Muir Russell takes home a whopping £234,000 in salary and pensions benefits, the Herald article also mentions that other University Principals do fairly well also:

"Last year, the highest-paid principals in Scotland were Professor Duncan Rice from Aberdeen University (£215,000), Dr Brian Lang from St Andrews (£209,000), and Sir Alan Langlands from Dundee (£202,000)."

If these leading voices think that Universities need more funding, perhaps they could start making economies of their own.

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Anonymous said...

That's a bit of a cheap shot, in fairness. For the size of the budgets (or potentially, budgies), numbers of staff and students and, particularly in the case of Aberdeen and St Andrews, the international clout of the organisations that they're managing, their salaries are arguably not unreasonable - they're equivalent to Perm Sec level pay in the Civil Service - similar levels of funding if you're comparing administrative budgets. If it was in the private sector, it'd easily be far more...