Sunday 20 January 2008

Congratulations to St Mungo's!

St Mungo's Academy in my ward are this year celebrating their 150th Anniversary. To mark this milestone the school are planning a year of special events, and I had the pleasure of attending the first of these, a Civic Mass and celebration, on Thursday night.

The mass was held in the very impressive setting of St Andrew's Cathedral - a place I have been past many times but have never had the chance to visit. The event was very well attended, with past and present teachers and pupils, and teachers from the associated schools in the learning community. The Mass was taken by Archbishop Mario Conti, but it wasn't as formal as I had feared and, even as someone who doesn't often get involved in religion, I took a lot out of it.

I'm sure I'll blog more about the celebrations as the year progresses.

A motion has also been lodged in the Parliament to mark the occasion:
S3M-984 Sandra White: Saint Mungo’s Academy—That the Parliament congratulates Saint Mungo’s Academy, Glasgow, on its upcoming 150th anniversary; further congratulates staff, pupils and parents, both past and present, for the excellent record of attainment and community involvement achieved by Saint Mungo’s; wishes all those involved well during their anniversary celebrations, and hopes that the caring ethos of St Mungo’s continues.

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