Thursday 24 January 2008

Politics gets a bit silly

Not being able to blog in the office was really hurting today, as I chuckled over the resignation of Peter Hain, Wendy Alexander remaining "confident" of being cleared and, cleverly picking a day when he's highly unlikely to get much coverage, George Galloway splitting from Respect. All comedy gold.

I wonder a bit about the Wendy situation - clearly £950 isn't quite in the same league as £100,000, but surely the principle should be upheld. Will the Electoral Commission decide that they should be treated differently, due to scale, or treat both equally? Interesting times ahead.

Not blogging did allow me to get a good chunk of work moved from my "to do" pile to my "to file" pile. Progress. I also had cause to be impressed (not for the first time) by the depth of knowledge of our group; it's great to have so many experienced people nearby to call on when you need advice.

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