Tuesday 26 February 2008

Romance in the freezing north

Forgive the self-indulgent bit of fluff that follows - I read the Sunday Times style section and it may have melted my brain a wee bit...

In a break from the hectic present buying/overpriced dinner in a busy restaurant tradition that has sprung up around Valentines day, my other half came home the other week with a radical suggestion: no presents or flowers, but instead two nights in Fortrose.

A quick google revealed that his suggested destination, The Anderson had been well reviewed by Joanna Blythman and had a fine selection of Belgian beer (I started packing as soon as I read that!).

Inverness was pretty chilly, and a lot of the local attractions are seasonal (boat trips, some museums), but we did find plenty to do. The Black Isle Brewery welcomed us with open arms on Friday morning for a tour and tasting, and we also had a good look around the very interesting Museum and Art Gallery. On the last day, we went along to Cromarty to see the lighthouse. I'm not quite sure why I wanted to see it, but I was determined to go!

Our attempt at seal and dolphin spotting on the Friday didn't go so well - while Inverness was sunny, by the time we got across the bridge to North Kessock the fog had descended. I'm sure I heard the dolphins sniggering out there...

It was nice to get a proper break away with Joe, and all the better for seeing a bit of Scotland I'm not so familiar with. Definitely to be recommended.

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