Tuesday 26 February 2008

Top twenty-five put downs

This article on the BBC website today made me giggle. There are plenty more throwaway lines, not least from programmes like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder, that could've been on there (Baldrick: Morning, Mr. B. Blackadder: Leave me alone, Baldrick. If I wanted to talk to a vegetable, I would have bought one at the market.)

My favourites from the list are:

Statler and Waldorf - The Muppet Show
Statler: "Wake up, you old fool, you slept through the show."
Waldorf: "Who's a fool? You watched it."

Arnold Rimmer - Red Dwarf
"Look, we all have something to bring to this discussion. But I think from now on the thing you should bring is silence."

(no prizes for the first person to use the Rimmer one against me!)

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