Sunday 29 June 2008

East End 5K

I surprised myself today - not just by getting out of bed at 7.30am on a Sunday, but by completing the East End 5K in 37 minutes. I'd not had time to do any training whatsoever, and the last time I did anything like this was a schools cross country in sixth year (an experience I'd rather put out of my mind!). Thanks go to my co-runner David Linden, who stuck with me during the run, despite my suspicion that he could have achieved a slightly better time otherwise!

I was quite sporty at school, playing hockey and taking part in various events at the school sports, but these days I really don't have the time to do much and I really don't consider myself fit. My only exercise is running for buses in high heels! I hope that next year I'll be able to do some training and improve on my time.

There was a really diverse mix of people on the run, from people with buggies and dogs to competitive athletes. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, regardless of where they finished. There was a goody bag at the end, which featured two "export size" caramel wafers - a real treat! Runners did also get a banana, but I'm a big fan of Tunnocks and easily impressed that way.

Gossip wise, there was a bit of an animated Labour confab between a few East End Councillors and the MSP for Shettleston... I wonder if this news has anything to do with it?

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Anonymous said...

Did you get permission rom the parents of the young children to take their pictures and then show them on the web?