Monday 11 May 2009

Holes in the road

If you use the road, by bus, car or bike, potholes are a serious hazard. They damage vehicles, cause accidents, and make for a very uncomfortable journey. Bus lanes are particularly bad, almost bouncing me off my seat at times!

I've been trying to note down potholes where I see them and report them to Land and Environmental Services for repair.

There have been a few good patching jobs in my ward after I've reported a problem, and I'm hoping to do as much as I can to improve the road surface. I've just reported this bumpy bus stop on the Gallowgate at Coalhill near Parkhead Forge, and will be keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks.

If you have any complaints or particular areas you'd like to report, contact me at the details on the sidebar or get in touch with the Council on the RALF hotline.

At the most recent Area Committee, we considered a report on scheduled road repairs. Over the course of the coming year in additional to general repairs, the following roads will be resurfaced or recoated:
  • Dunn Street at Dalmarnock Road junction Resurfacing £16.9k
  • Plant Street (full length) Resurfacing £20k
  • Nuneaton Street (full length) Resurfacing £25k
  • Macduff Place (full length) Nimpactocote £3k
  • Canmore Street (Macduff Place to Canmore Place) Nimpactocote £10.1k
  • Canmore Place (southern carriageway - full length) Nimpactocote £4.1k
  • Bell Street (Hunter St to McFarlane Street) Nimpactocote £7.1k
The following pavements will also be redone:
  • London Road (north footway- Charlotte St to Ross St) Resurfacing £14.9k
  • Bellgrove Street (west footway - from Duke St south to railway bridge at Bellgrove Station) Resurfacing £18.2k
  • Dunn Street (south footway at Old Dalmarnock Road) Resurfacing £12.1k
  • Greendyke Street (west footway southwards from London Road) Resurfacing £10.4k
  • Gallowgate (south footway - along frontage of St Mungo Academy) Resurfacing £11k
  • London Road (north footway from Nuneaton St to Kerrydale St) Resurfacing £16k
  • London Road (south footway from Binnie Place to Monteith Place) Resurfacing £20k
  • Dalmarnock Road (north footway from Springfield Rd to Summerfield St) Resurfacing £11k

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joe90 kane said...

This is a bit of a bombshell.

I don't know if I'd be able to continue to vote SNP if this becomes official policy.

This is taking the idea of Sotland in Europe far too far -

Eurovision campaign taken to Holyrood -
SNP News
17 May 2009

For some strange reason I switched on the telly last night and, after a few moments once I got my bearings, realised I was being confronted by the Turkish Eurovision entry - I'm still recovering today.